WWP #2

Weekly Writing Prompt #2

Tell me about this photo. No word limits,  no style requirement, no rules.

Anything goes. Have fun with it! Leave yours in the comments below.

This was the place, the home of the vampire. It took Jonah weeks to find where the abomination took refuge. His only purpose now was to find the thing that took his wife, Clara. The monster had come into their home, lifted Clara from the bed, and consumed her very essence. Jonah was prepared this time – armed with every possibly instrument he read about in the books, the things Doc told him would work. He was somewhere in this town, and no matter how long it took, Jonah would find him. He wanted his fangs for a jar on the shelf above his and Clara’s bed. He wanted to hang the creature in the town square by his cape. His own life meant nothing to him; he would die trying to get justice for his beloved.


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  1. I had travelled months on end. I was sore, I was tired, I was covered in the dust of the roads. I desperately needed a place to lay my weary head. I had come across a fellow traveler who, begrudgingly, told me of this town. As I approached I took in the stalls and booths selling wares seldom seen in my travels. I saw ornate puzzle boxes, hand crafted jewelry, hand sewn cloth from the far East and other rare wonders. Darkness was falling at my back as the wrought iron gate loomed in front of me, both inviting and daunting. Tantalizing smells eminated from within. A sly grin crept across my face as I imagined the pleasures of both flesh and food that awaited me. I glanced over my shoulder and saw the moon, round and pregnant with celestial light. I felt my strength and desires increasing as the sylvan orb rose steadily higher. I could feel my Wolf charging to the surface. Oh, this would be a delightful town to spend the night.

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