SC Talks With Artist Andrew Valdez

Scriptor Corruptus is back this week, talking with artist Andrew Valdez. You can find him on Facebook – AndrewValdezVisuals, and see some of his work in our group, Sanctum of Depravity.

SC: How long have you been an artist?

AV: I have been drawing all my life, but it has only been the last year that I started to take it to the next level.

SC: Do you remember your first drawing?

AV: I cant remember my first drawing…however I can remember drawing cartoons all over my school work in first grade.


SC:You’ve been doing different mash-ups lately! Tell me about a few of those and where that idea came from.

AV: My mash ups are fun to make, and their formulas are simple. If they make me laugh or smile I go for it. That is my goal with all my art. I just like to make people smile. My first mash up was made for [Facebook Group] Nerd Fest as a joke (Breakfast Connection). Then the idea kind of took off from there.

SC:Where do you think your love of art came from?

AV: My mother for sure. She has inspired both me and my brother to be artistic and creative.

SC: What medium do you use? Hand? Digital? A mix?

AV: Digital mostly buy I do plenty of old school art.

SC: What’s been your favorite piece you’ve done so far?

AV: That is kind of hard to choose but I would have to go with my scary movie mash up image. It was fun to mash all the horror icons with other characters. Reminds me of the dogs playing pool.


SC: What advice would you have for a new artist who might be afraid to get out there and show their work?

AV: Go for it! Now is the best time to do it, with Facebook, Instagram etc., it’s easy to share your work.


SC: You recently posted “Self Portrait #2” on your business Facebook page. It is stunning! Can you tell us about that piece?

AV: Yes it is a reworking of a photo I took of myself as a teen, maybe 16 years old. I found the image on a old web page of mine and thought it would be nice to bring the image back. My last self portrait was very colorful and bright. This one was more stripped down and dark.

You can also find Andrew’s work on his teepublic site:

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