Weekly Writing Prompt #3

Last week, we accepted submissions in our Facebook group - Sanctum of Depravity. This is the story that was chosen, written by author AJ Brown. Check out his interview this week for more information on who he is and where to find him. The Museum of Tortured Corpses William was curious. How could he not... Continue Reading →

WWP #2

Weekly Writing Prompt #2 Tell me about this photo. No word limits,  no style requirement, no rules. Anything goes. Have fun with it! Leave yours in the comments below. This was the place, the home of the vampire. It took Jonah weeks to find where the abomination took refuge. His only purpose now was to... Continue Reading →

Weekly Writing Prompt

Once a week I'll be posting an image and asking you to provide your own original work in the comments that follow a set of rules. This week: Challenge yourself by telling me a 100-200 word story about this photo. Any story line, any genre. Post your stories in the comment section below. I'm interested... Continue Reading →

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